Sri. B. SUDHARSHAN REDDY, I.A.S.,
                      Collector & District Magistrate
                      Kurnool - 518 001
                      Phone No: 08518 - 220396 ( O ), 08518 - 220131 ( R )
                      E-Mail: collector_knl@ap.gov.in
                      a)    Date of constitution of VMC                                 ……………
                      b)     No of meeting held during 2010 – 2011            ……………
                      c)     No of meeting held during 2011 – 2012              …….………
                                         (Display list of VMC Members)
The following are the members in VMC to help smooth conduct of the Vidyalaya in expected lines. 
These Committees meet as and when the need arises.
1. District Collector / District Magistrate                                                      Chairman
2. District Educational Officer                                                                       Member
3. Executive Engineer of state PWD (Building)                                          Member
4. Principal of local college / Res. School                                                    Member
    (Principal, APRJC, Banavasi)
5. (Vice Principal / Sr. Most Teacher)                                                        Member
    Sri S. Bhavana Rusi, PGT History
6. Member of Public (whose nomination is to be                                Member
    Approved by the Chairman, NVS who is the
    Competent authority)
7. Chief Medical Officer of the District                                                    Member
8. Two Representatives from parents                                                    Members
   a) Sri D P Pardhasarathy, Veterinary Doctor,
       GLSS Farm, Banavasi, F/o D P Dileep, VIII Class.
 b) Smt K Manikyamma, Teacher, Govt. Girls High School,
      Yemmiganur, M/o K Malati Rani, VIII Class.
9. Sri Dr K. Purnachandra Rao, Principal,                                                 Member Secretary
    Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Banavasi